Missing Charts

Hello good day. Just wondering why other airports have missing ILS/VOR/Approach charts?


Could you be specific please. Which airports?


Hello, me and a friend, flying together shared cockpit made also a strange experiance today. Planning the ILS approach in Edinburgh I was missing the 11-1A Chart for RWY 06 where however this chart appears on his computer. She the attached screenshots.

I assume, you have selected the CAO mode. Check your chart mode in the settings and set it to “STD” …

Hope that helps,

Of course we tried all the settings but nothing changed.


If you have a flight loaded with EGPH as the destination, then you also have this setting on the Flight. See the Options tab:

Changing this setting will change the chart listing. In essence, the CAO mode only gives you charts applicable to aircraft category C and D.



Thank you very much, that was the solution. :hugs:

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