VTCC is missing ILS-Z runway 36

Operating system: Various
FS Version: Various
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AIRAC Update: 2406
Problem Details:

VTCC is missing an approach procedure for ILS-Z runway 36, as described in Thailand’s eAIP. This has been observed for multiple cycles already, but no one has reported it yet.

This issue can also be observed in Navigraph Charts. (The procedure is missing despite the chart existence.)


Thanks for your report. The ILS-Z 36 cam’t be coded as ILS because the missed approach starts prior the runwa threshold. Therefore this procedure is coded as LOC-Z 36 approach.

So, please use the LOC-Z 36 approach … it’s a ARINC424 coding limitation/rule.

Hope that helps

PS: … but you can use the ILS even when it’s coded as LOC

Thanks for the reply, now the question is why ILS-Y can be coded as ILS, as they share the same missed approach point. Or am I missing something here?

Also, the procedure in question hasn’t been changed in years, why only now that it cannot be coded as an ILS procedure?

Hi again,

When you compare the Y with the Z approach you will see, that the missed approach starts PRIOR the runway threshold and with on the Y after the runway threshold.

That has nothing todo with the MAP itself



The red line is the runway threshold, the yellow marker the missed approach path.


PS: I have looked 6 cycles back now and this was never coded as ILS approach.

WOW! Haven’t noticed that before.

Also, according to the archive of my old files, cycle 2311 coded it as an ILS procedure. (Screenshot from LittleNavMap)

Yeah, but again that doesn’t mean you can’t use the ILS with the GS. The antennas are there, but can’t select it in the FMC/S as ILS approach due this coding restrictions.

I haven’t checked 2311, but it seems there were changes because on your screenshot the MAP is runway 36 and thats currently not any longer the case, independent of Y or Z.


Yeah, looks like someone (at Jeppesen probably) noticed that the wrong waypoint is used as a missed approach point in early 2024, and thus cause the whole thing to happen.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with my questions.


You’te welcome Sarun … Please don’t hesitate to contact us again, whenever you have a question or an issue.

Have a nice day

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