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Some days ago, I noticed something strange in your provided navdata. ILS Z RWY 15 and ILS U RWY 28 is missing at SBGL. I request friendly to you check this issue cause this ILS is the main approach procedures for this airport. Thank you very much in advance!

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Agreed! GaleĂŁo and Rio should receive a little bit more attention, since the ILS Z 15 and ILS U 28 are the main procedures.

and welcome at Navigraph. I have looked deeper into both approaches and both approaches can´t be coded as ILS - that doesn´t mean you can´t fly it but you can´t code it with standard ARINC424 rules.

The red bar is the runway-threshold, the yellow marker the starting point of the missed approach:

… same for the ILS-Z 15:

The reason is the missed approach part, which start in both approaches prio the runway threshold and exactly that can´t be coded. There are a lot of cases worldwide where this happen but normally such approaches are defined as ILS or LOC approaches and therefore such approaches will be coded as LOC approaches.

In this case, both are defined as ILS only approach so no OR and therefore these approaches are not included and must entered manually.

Hope that helps

Hey, there isn’t any way to adapt this procedure? For example, ILS Z you should turn left to OBKEP following course 119, but code this by simply turning left DCT OBKEP after 200ft just to not collide with obstacles? And for ILS U something like “after 200ft turn right DCT GL086”?

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These ILS’s (ILS Z and ILS U) are very important for the daily operations in Galeão, because the ILS Z is the main one for RWY 15 (most active runway for landings) and ILS U is the one which provides approaches at 28 while a takeoff is going on on RWY 33. Otherwise it has to be segregated and the traffic flow gets harmed as a result

No, that´s not possible - we are using real-world data and charts and we can’t adopt procedures. When we would do this, it wouldn´t be consistent with the charts and of course with the AIP.

Again, this is not a navdata issue - it´s a coding limitation in the standard ARINC424 rules. But, the ILS approach can be flown - all waypoints are included you must only enter it manually. The ILS is also available, so can also be used without any issues. When something can´t be code, it doesn´t mean you can´t fly/insert it - as in this case.


Understood, I hope in the future these procedures can be implemented. Thanks for the attention!

No probs, it depends on the government (AIP Brazil). When they change the approach into ILS or LOC it will be implemented as LOC-Z 15 approach or they change the missed approach procedure, but I guess there are special reason, why the missed approach can´t be started after the runway threshold. We will see … sorry for that!


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