VR scratchpad

Hi Navigraph,

to ease VR utilization of navigraph a scratchpad in VR would be amazing to write down taxi and atc clearences.

Im thinking a click function for each section. so you first select your parking space and then the system will automatically know which taxiways are connected to this parking spot, once the taxiway is selected it shall then only give options to click on connected taxiways and/or runways.

similarly with SID/STAR waypoints.

single left click select (mouse default but can be bound to a vr controller if needed)
right click deselect ( also mouse default but can be bound to something else. )

IFR would be the biggest need for sure but VFR version could include nearest VRP or waypoint in a filed vfr flight plan.



It would be great to be able to draw a line on our Taxi charts when given taxi instructions too. Specifically in VR where writing is a challenge.


It is very likely that this will be supported once this already existing feature request is implemented.
I’ll leave this topic open for now, since there could be VR implications!

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Hi Malte,
any news on the scratchpad integration into navigraph? In VR this would be extremely helpful :-)!!

We are currently working on adding annotations. It is quite possible that scratchpads are the next step after that given their similarity, but I can’t give any ETAs!

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