It would be great if there was a feature like the scratch pad in foreflight that allowed you to take notes for any given flight.



I have moved you suggestion to the Wishlist. I recommend you vote for it above. We prioritise development based on number of votes amongst other factors.

See also Note-Taking Function - #2 by Ian


Yess, a scratch pad would be amazing. also apple apple pencil support would be amazing, I use it a lot on foreflight to highlight or write something on the charts. it would be amazing to have the ability to do it in Navigraph

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I logged into the forum just to reply to this post. Yes we absolutely need a way to hand write notes and frequencies or even a clearance while online. This is about the only thing that keeps me from totally using VR. I’d be happy with the mouse as an input honestly.


I would like to have a scratchpad in the iOS app. Helps to write down some stuff like ATC instructions etc.

Thank you!

Given the common code base for Charts, I have moved your post here. You might like to vote for it above.


Yes, It would be great to have a “Scratchpad” next to the chart where for instance ATC instructions can be dotted down.