Ideas for Future Development

I’ve been using Navigraph and Simbrief since my first days of flight simming. I’ve always been thrilled with both applications. One thing I’ve always wanted, however, is a transparent ‘scratchpad’ that can overlay on the top of a map/approach. This would allow me to quickly jot down notes from ATC or make my own markings white still having the ability to flip the scratchpad out of the way when not needed.

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Thank you for the suggestion which will be considered for the next major Charts Version.

As per Suggestion: Please add to Charts app the ability to write something using our fingers, you can put test into the FMC scratchpad. Also a search of “annotations” in the forum shows other suggestions.


I would also like to have the ability to make notations on a chart using my finger with the ability to erase with finger. I have seen this in videos posted by a SW airline pilot on his EFB
THANK YOU for considering this.

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