Taxi Route Selection

It would be nice to be able to select the taxiways that the user will be using to taxi from/to gates/runways and highlight the route on the charts. Maybe even a way to select a runway that you want to taxi to and the program selects the taxiways for you.

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Hello everybody,

I would like to suggest a feature that allow pilot when they receive their Taxi Clearance to indicate to navigraph wich we gonna use and the software show the route.

For exemple :
I land on EBBR on rwn25r and exit via B8.
I receive clearance for taxi to gate 172 via OUT 2-3-4 IN 5
So on this case , i tell to navigraph i will use this point to the gate and he will show me the route

(i dont know if im clear but this is my suggestion :slight_smile: )


I have moved your Wishlist item to this existing item as it is very similar and helps our development team prioritise.


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Hello, I don’t know if I posting advice on the navigraph chart app here, but I’d like the ability to draw and display a customized taxiing path in the application is added

Yeah, drawing on the map to highlight the taxi route is probably the most straightforward way of achieving this. ForeFlight has a “semi-automatic” routing feature, but even that one is experimental and (in my limited experience at European airports) not too helpful.

This works as long as you don’t have any ATC. As soon as ATC is involved, manual selection is required and there are no super obvious patterns for this.

That said, something like this would be cool!

very much so.

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