Tablet scratchpad and OFP

Dear Navigraph Team,

I think it would be really cool if Navigraph has scracthpad in the tablet app to write down clearances as in Foreflight with apple pencil support.

Also filling out the OFP in the tablet app would be very useful.


Keep up the great work.


Hello! Welcome to the forum.

Before opening new feature requests, please look at existing topics to see if anything similar already has been asked for. In this case, scratchpads have been requested here:

There are also currently two open topics related to writing on the OFP. I am trying to understand how they are different, but until I get an answer from the topic creator, here are both topics:

Since the first one was created earlier, I’d like to ask you to add your vote to that one if you feel that your request aligns with it. If not, please consider adding your additional feedback as a post on that topic! I’d like to merge the two in an effort to keep this forum section organized.

Kind Regards,