VR login issue with v8.19.0 build 1


I make sure that I am using v8.19.0 build 1 and when ever I switch in and out to VR I am asked to sign-in again and again.

Sorry to raise it again but this is my issue right now.

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Me too……didn’t see your post so opened another tread for this……

and the worst part is, which is an absolute no no, when the panel directs you to the web page, the sim is out of focus which means you can not interract with your mouse and keyboard anymore…
I was on aproach when I opened the navigraph panel, that was almost a disaster, it obviously ruins the experience.

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Have to login in and verify every time I launch navigraph from in game panel when in VR


Using Navigraph for decades and really happy to do so but having a problem signing in the ingame panel.

I only fly in VR and this problem with signing in brakes the immersion…when i start in 2D mode and sign in, i have to do again in VR mode (while in the same session)…get the VR glasses off my head, scan the monitor with my phone…fill in my email adress and password and then get my VR glasses on again.

I have the newest build, have read the other topic about this problem (the one that is closed already) but i keep having this problem…i hope you guys can sort this out.

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Hi, same problem to me since some days


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Hi guys,

We’re investigating, but it is really puzzling as we have not made any updates to the in-game panel since two weeks, when it was confirmed working. Do you know if your sim has recieved some updates just before these issues started occurring?



I recently made many changes to my PC so that might have triggered the tiny update so I am not 100% sure but there was a tiny little MSFS update 2 days ago.

while you are investigating this one there is one more thing, please note this one as well; :smiling_face:

the side panel also opens when interacting in the cockpit and always tries to show off himself. I want it to be minized and stay that way until I am willingly want to open it back.

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We have now investigated further and issued yet another fix which will hopefully resolve this issue once and for all. Please check in the simulator now if you can use the panel and switch modes without being prompted to sign in.

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I tried it and it works okay…not needed to login anymore…but…I don’t know if it is related …I had in one hour flight twice a CTD (wich I never had before).

Flew the Leonardo MD82 from EGHI - EIDW and will try to reproduce this later this week without using the ingame panel.

Thanks for your efforts helping us !


I can confirm it is working for me.

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