VOR/TACAN stations 2303 rev1

When I have the 2303 rev1 data installed TACAN stations don’t work.
For example, the Cessna T37B addon mod has a TACAN radio and it doesn’t receive any stations.
If I remove the navdata from the community folder I can recieve them. I see you had this issue with 2302.
Can you fix it?

have you tried it in the Darkstar in-game aircraft? Because I can’t reproduce it …

Also, can ou give me an example TACAN station which is not working on your system (I know you wrote none, but it seems there are few bugs to receive a TACAN navaid).

Here was a similar question, where you see that the TACANs are working but not all properbly (with and without our data installed):

Last, the mod from what you are speaking, is this a freeware mod? Where can I download it, that we have the same status to reproduce this issue

Thank you

I have been using the Cessna T37B.
Take off KLGA 117.7 CH 124 DPK

I completely emptied my community folder and the aircraft works fine.
If I just install the Navdata into the community folder the VOR does not work at any TACAN station.
I have the Navdata installed for CRJ’s and the LittleNavmap. No Xplane.
If I delete the NavData from the community folder and add back all my other mods the TACAN’s work.
Only does not work after Navdata is added.
The Cessna can be downloaded on Flightsim.to
Other I’ve checked with have no problem with the VOR/TACANs but I don’t know what Navdata they have.

Thanks for the response.

Hi Terry,
but you know that the DPK navaid is NOT a VORTAC or a TACAN navaid … it´s a simple VORDME navaid.

As an example VORTACs are:
LAS (Las Vegas) 116.90
PXR (Phoenix) 115.60
SAC (Sacramento) 115.20
OVR (Omaha) 116.30

… or TACANs are:
CBU (Columbia Portland) 109.20
SUX (Sioux City) 116.50
DOV (DOver) 110.00
NEL (Lakehurst) 111.80

You see, the channel-frequencies are included and you should also be select able.


I appreciate the clarification, BUT it doesn’t work for me. Just took off from KSLC and tuned TACAN HIF.
111.20 , channel 49. VOR needle and DME no reception or indication.

I tried the MSFS F18 which has a TACAN.
It doesn’t receive a TACAN when the Navdata is present in the community folder.
I remove the Navdata and the F18 received the signal. KSLC, 111.20 , CH 49
so there has to be something corrupt with Navdata on my installation.

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