TACAN Stations

MSFS Default Nav Data supports TACAN and not just VORTAC stations however when I add in the Navigraph data the TACAN stations no longer work.

You can see this at KLSV (Nellis AFB) in the MSFS F-18 by tuning in the TACAN of 12X. With default MSFS Navdata the TACAN works fine but when you add in Navigraph data the TACAN no longer works until you remove the Navigraph data. Is there a way to fix this so that I can keep the Navigraph data loaded and still have TACAN stations work? It’s great to be able to do TACAN approaches into military airfields but I can only do it with Navigraph data removed from the sim.

To be clear I am talking about TACAN only stations and not VORTACs. The TACAN at Nellis is not able to be tuned by a VHF frequency in the NAV radios so I am not talking about that workaround. This is true TACAN only stations.

thank you very much for this information. As we started with the update service for the MSFS, there was a frequency limitation from 108.000 - 117.950 kHz and therefore we must removed such VHF navaids to build the BGL files. As you possible know, we have no direct cooperation with MS/ASOBO and therefore we need such valuable information from you, from our user.

I have released a revision 6 (I guess we just break a new revision record :slight_smile: ), where all these “suppressed” navaids are included now, including your TACAN example LSV. Please re-install the AIRAC via the Navigraph Navdata Center and try it again … the TACAN should be available and also selectable via the channel …

AIRAC 2302 rev. 6:

Thanks again for this input and the chance to make the data better and better - much appreciated.


Are there any aircraft that use TACAN? I’d be interested in trying it out, but as far as I can tell everything uses a VOR or a paired VOR frequency.

Wow! Thanks for the quick response and for the update. It works great. I checked out another one at NAS Ft. Worth (KNFW) that is TACAN Ch. 24X (NFW). I tried it with both Navigraph and default sim data and in both cases that TACAN is inactive. I don’t know if maybe this is missing in the dataset for both but it’s been in place for many years at KNFW. I imagine there are many more of these out there. I was just interested in this one because I am working on an add-on scenery for KNFW to be released one day hopefully this year. Maybe I will have to add a TACAN myself.

The F-18E Super Hornet that comes with the Top Gun Maverick addition to MSFS uses TACAN. You can tune the TACAN Channel and turn on the TCN and it should pick up. This is done using the up front controller. There are some videos online showing you how if you have never done it.

I have checked the NFW TACAN and it´s included at least in our database and it´s also available in our MSFS data:

So, you should be able to receive it - when not, please report this to ASOBO because as you see, the TACAN is included.


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ok will report to ASOBO because I can not receive the TACAN at NFW on the ground or in the air

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