Please add TACAN military codes

This has been mentioned on a support thread but why do the TACAN stations only have a frequency as opposed to their channel as well. They’re shown in MSFS. With military aircraft where the code can be inputted it’s a shame that this simple bit of information can’t be shown in Navigraph as well as the frequency. I have recently purchased the Just Flight Vulcan and use the TACAN codes instead of the frequencies to navigate.

Thanks for opening this wishlist topic! Feel free to vote for it yourself.

Here is the implicitly mentioned thread with earlier discussions on the topic, for future visitors:

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I should also note ( silly me has not looked at this stuff for a couple of decades, just twiddled knobs ) that the channel codes are the same codes listed for VOR/DME/ILS installs if you can find the right documents ( which is no surprise given TACAN was built on top ). I recently ran across a DME station that used to be an ILS install, and got very confused when my aircraft tried to couple to a non-existant localiser… that is a problem with the aircraft obviously, but the channel code - or the fact it’s an even number - was the source of the confusion.

“Yes, please” from me. I recently did a flight with Just Flight’s Vulcan, and that thing is a pain to navigate without TACAN, so having the channel information in charts would be very much appreciated for us niche audience.

Plain VOR/ILS should not interoperate with TACAN though, since they are fairly different beyond the basic principle, TACAN using UHF around 1GHz and VOR operating in VHF around 100MHz for one. If you can dial into arbitrary VOR or ILS installations using TACAN channel codes, that sounds more like a simulator “defect” or a very welcome convenience feature if you want to see it as such.