VOR/DME unusable

Last day, I perform a conv IFR flight between Saint-Tropez (LFTZ) and Brest (LFRB).
During my flight with my King Air 350 which have no ADF/NDB receiver (very usefull when your route use NDB xD).
I found 2 VOR/DME don’t working during the flight Thiers (TIS) and Poitiers (POI), there are in GPS database with the good freq, but Nav com don’t catch any signal from them…
Maybe these VOR/DME don’t exist on the MSFS ground ?

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TIS (117.50) is now a DME only navaid. You should receive a DME distance if you’re equipped for but no NAV information. POI (113.30) is a VOR without DME but its range is limited to 60 NM.
Richard will comment on the data as coded in the Navigraph FMS database you are using

Hope it will help


thank you very much for your report. I have checked the database and also the MSFS dataset and I can´t reproduce it - here when I set the VORs in the FBW A320:

VOR POI 113.30

… and here the DME TIS 117.50:

You see that both navaids are included and selectable … the POI is a VOR only navaid, so no DME component. The TIS is a DME only navaid so no VOR component. Therefore you have different views, but all in all - both are available.


There are no more VOR’s and Waypoint in my MSFS. The problem is solved by removing the Navigraph folders from the Community folder. Seems we have a problem with the Navigraph integration with MSFS.
Now I’m waiting for an update on the Navigraph side.

please for your next posting - don´t hijack other postings even when you mean that´s the same topic. When you read the initial posting here, you will see that this has really nothing todo with your issue. Thank you!

To your report:
You have an issue on your system because even with our package installed, all waypoints and navaids are available.

Here an example from the LOWW area with our AIRAC 2303 installed:

You see very clear, the waypoints and also the navaids and dme´s.

Also, when this wouldn´t really work you can be sure, that we would have more than one report here in our forum. In other words, we can´t offer a fix what is working correctly - please check your system, there is something wrong on it, sorry.

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Thanks for your answers, I see than DGAC is reducing VOR/DME and NDB on the French territory.
So my en route chart is not appropriate for conventional IFR. But when GNSS is not working how you can perform IFR flight if they delete all VOR ? Maybe a strategic question to answer :sweat_smile:

Kind regards

:thinking: … this is more a real-world question which we can´t really answer :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your input :wink: … have a nice day and rest of the week

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