VNKT RNAV 02 wrong path

Looks like missing fixes DOVAN and KT522, now you will crash into a hill.

Hi Marcin,
die the lack of information - I have tried the RNAV 02 into VNKT with the Working-Title CJ4 and here the path looks good, also the part between DOVAN and KT522.

The sim has some known and confirmed limitation in the flight planning and in their MCDUs/FMCs/Garmin systems. The data are correct so far as you see with the CJ4 mod, which has implemented a complete new terminal procedure layer in their FMC and you see (they are using exactly the same data as the sim), the path is correct - the sequencies, the restrictions, …

Here a screenshot of the legs RNAV02 from the DANFE approach transition:



… and here the flightpath on the ND from the legs:

You see, correct waypoints, correct path … so this is no data issue, it´s the sim limitation how they handle the different legs. Can only be fixed by ASOBO, sorry

… but I highly recommanded the Working-Title CJ4 - this FMC is very accurate and works great …


I tried this and Paro only on FBW A320 mod so far.
Thanks for the report.
These two airports are my favourite !

Both are awesome approaches in a great surrounding area :wink:
Happy flying …

CJ4 by WT handles the approaches better (tested on VQPR RNAV-Z15)

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