there are missing some points in STAR to LKPR. For instance in STAR VLM3S missing point PR572 and PR573. The similar issue with other (GOLOP3S…)
SID issue - after departure from rwy24 the starting leg point is not RWY but LKPR reference point. This bug causes turning left right after airborne to align to route between LKPR reference point and SID point (not from RWY)

Hi Tomáš,
I guess you´re using any in-game aircrafts (or the FBW A320) … when yes, I´m affraid, than this is a sim limitation in their flightmanagement logic. We have descibe this in the “Kown issues” category

I have tested your report in the WorkingTitle CJ4, which use their own developed flightmanagement and will not used the in-game one and here you see, that the procedures are working as expected.

It´s really worth to try the WT CJ4 :wink:

yes you are right, in CJ4 mod everything works as it should,
thank you very much for explananation

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