MSFS PAKT RNAV29 Approach - missing fixes


This is my first post so I hope this is in the correct area.

Flying to PAKT, I selected the RNAV29 Approach. In my FMC (A320), After the ANN Vor, the next fix was the runway (RW29) which bypassed the 2 fixes in between ZIKMU and YADUR.
When I tried to manually enter these fixes, the FMC indicated that they were not in the database.

I have installed a freeware scenery of PAKT so I’m not sure if this contributes to the problem.

Is this a MSFS issue or related to my Navigraph database?


Joe Altieri

Hi Joe,
no, I´m pretty sure that this has nothing todo with the scenery - this is the typical effect of the sim-limitation, what we have described in the “Known Issues” category here:

I have tried it with the WorkingTitle CJ4, which don´t use the in-game flightmanagement because they have developed their own, and here you see the correct procedure - no waypoints truncated, leg page complete … sorry, it´s more the sim and this can be happen in the WorldMap and in all aircrafts/addons which uses the in-game flightmanagement. At the moment only the WT CJ4 uses their own flightmanagement, and this works nearly perfect as you see:



Thanks so much for the thorough response!

Now that Working Title are working with ASOBO, hopefully they can share the coding for their flight management system to replace the current default one.
We’ll see.

Thanks again.

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