VIAs don't match between Navigraph Charts and MSFS 2020

*MSFS 2020 on Windows 10 using FBW A320neo aircraft, Pushback tools and Sift-Z statsby Ambitious Pilots

I have been using Navigraph Navdata Center to update MSFS 2020 for quite some time. Current Airac is 2210 rev 1. This is the issue I have. Flying a small flight from KPHL to KBDL. Flight plan was generated by simbrief KPHL/09R DCT DITCH J225 JFK DCT DPK DPK3 KBDL/06.

When I select the arrival of ILS06 in the MCDU, I get the VIA JANID and no other options. PENNA is not listed as in the charts. Anyway I can fix this?

this is a current limitation in the MSFS in-game flightmanagement which will also be used in the latest stable version of FBW.

When you do the same ie with the WorkingTitle mod of the CJ4 (which use their on flightmanagement and not the buggy one from MSFS), you will see all transitions as expected.

Sorry, this is not a navdata issue, its more MSFS related.


Thanks for the response! I will try the working title mod for the CJ4.