A320NX Navigation Display stopped working with Navigraph add-ons

The Navigation Display in the A320NX (v0.7.4 from 8th January) and with MSFS has stopped working with the Navigraph add-ons (scale-changes don’t work; aircraft remains at departure airport; route not shown).

When removing the two add-ons (navigrpah-navdata and navigraph-navdata-base) from the Community folder the Navigation Display works normally.

Using the latest cycle2202 rev 3 and the updated Navigraph Navdata Center app.

have you any other 3rd party addons/sceneries installed?

I ask because this is the first report here and I also can´t reproduce it. The FBW A320 stable version (0.7.4) works as expected with our data too. I assume an other issue on your system because we are in very close contact with FBW and also here, no reports like yours.

I would try to remove all other packages out of the community folder (excluding the FBW). After that, install the AIRAC again via the Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.6 and try it again. It should work.


So what about the experimental mode of the A320NX ? I use experimental mode so if i buy Navigraph membership i will have this kind of problems ?

Thank you.

we have no information about any known problems with FBW and our data. Not from FBW directly, nor from any other users (excluding this only one report here). As I have written before, we are working very closely together with the FBW developer and no one, no one has reported any possible problems.

I have tested now all version and I can´t reproduce it with any of the the three available FBW version. Last, you can be sure, that when there is really an issue, we would have a lot! of more such reports - also in the MS Flightsim forum. But there are nothing … zero reports.


If i buy the Navigrap subscription can i see the LTFM SID and STAR charts on the MSFS 2020?

Yes, of course - with an ultimate subscription, you can select every available charts directly in the aircraft, when it has implemented our chart product into an EFB or similar else (ie. WorkingTitle CJ4, FBW via iflyPad, PMS50 GTN, …)

Hope that helps,

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Is it available with the monthly subscripton too?

Respects from Turkey…

Yes of course, the important this is the ULTIMATE plan because only with this plan you have access to the charts also. There are no difference between a monthly or yearly plan - you get the same amount of data, the same functionality, the same features and all updates/revisions within the paid period.

Cheers from Vienna :wink:

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A reply to RIchard from my earlier post, which has been automagically locked (sorry, this is a hobby and I can’t deal 24/7 with messages here)

To Richard’s message: when I tested the two Navigraph add-ons with the FBW A320NX there were no other third-party add-ons at all. So apart from the FBW and Navigraph add-ons there was nothing else that would affect the base MSFS software (then fully up-to-date)

I will test the problem again at the weekend with the development version of the FBW A320NX in case the issue is related to this.

A link to my original post (now locked): https://forum.navigraph.com/t/a320nx-navigation-display-stopped-working-with-navigraph-add-ons/7658/4

as I have written in the previous posting, I have tested this with all three available FBW versions and I can´t reproduce it. Also, what I have written before, when there would be a really general data issue, FBW would inform us and you will read a lot of more such reports here and also in the MSFS forum, but nothing - we have zero reports like this. So, it must be an other issue on your system. Sorry for that.

Have you tried the data with any other aircraft, excluding the FBW? Because all other aircrafts use the data also. So, if this were really a data issue, it would happen everywhere.


Will do more testing at the weekend. Many thanks