VHHX missing in X-Plane?

2210 Rev 1 seems not to have VHHX?
Thank You.

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what do you mean with “seems not to have VHHX”? We don´t offer the airport-data itself, only the navigation facilities and all VHHX terminal-procedures are included in 2210

The procedure-file:

… a few lines from this file:


Sorry Richard, I should have been more specific.
I’m unable to enter VHHX into the FMC on the Route page.

XP12 Zebo 737

No problem - thanks for the update, but that´s exactly what I have mentioned. We don´t offer any airport scenery data in the X-Plane updates because this is part of the X-Plane Gateway. We can only update navaids, fixes, airways, ATC boundaries and all airport-facilities (like ILS, marker, Com-frequencies, …) but we don´t add/change/delete any airport.

Therefore, you have all data of VHHX included but the airport itself is missing in X-Plane. So, please report this to X-Plane Gateway, because this is not a part of our updates.


Many Thanks for that Richard

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