SU11 VHHX Missing IGS13 Approach and Duplicated Runway


After the new sim update today I was looking to fly the IGS13 approach into the new default VHHX with the A310, however, when I was trying to set up the approach I realized it was missing from the FMS

I did some investigation with the flight planner and found the only 2 approaches available for VHHX were ILS31 and GPS13

I then loaded the Fenix A320 (with its separate database) and found the IGS13 approach was loading fine in the Fenix, and in fact the only 2 approaches listed on the MCDU were ILS31 and IGS13, there was no GPS13 approach.

So I suspect the reason why the A310 couldn’t read the approach was due to it being named GPS instead of IGS, would a simple rename of the approach be possible to fix this?

Also, when I first loaded into VHHX after the update I found the runway duplicated, I was able to fix this by rearranging the scenery pack priority in content.xml. From my understanding the runway was added because the airport is missing from MSFS by default, however, since now everyone has the default scenery for VHHX, would it be possible to just remove the runway from the navdata base pack?

Thanks for your time.

sorry this is a sim limitation in the internal bgl structure of their navdata (comes from FSX times), which doesn’t support IGS only GPS and therefore we must “convert” it to GPS to be sure, that the procedure is included and selectable.

There is no IGS approach type available in MSFS. Sorry.


PS: thanks for the runway tip - yep, we will remove it in the next revision, latest with the next cycle

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