VFR in Simbrief

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Now that we have the possibility to do VFR with Navigraph, do you plan to make any changes in simbrief to make it compatible with VFR flights?
When I export a flight plan to Simbrief from Navigraph, I still get IFR flight when for example I want to transfer the flight plan to IVAO.
On the other hand the suggested routes are always IFR. I have only got one VFR route so far.

Hi, for the moment SimBrief will likely continue to focus mainly on IFR.

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Regarding the fact that Navigraph Charts can do VFR now - including properly named CRPs as well as (at least for Switzerland) VFR arrival/departure routes, ARR sectors and even displays the downwind altitudes I would like the Simbrief team to reconsider to ensure at least that the Flight Rules attribute VFR is properly kept when set and also transmitted into Navigraph Charts on download. It would be great if we could upload the Navigraph Charts planning done for VFR into Simbrief so we can make use of fuel planning and weather features. (Will post additionally into the Charts section for the enroute weather display and upload to Simbrief request)

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and if we are already collecting ideas:
It should be quite simple with Simbrief to create a basic navlog out of this: waypoint, c/s or nav help designator, magnetic heading, altitude, tas, distance, gs, compass heading (including wind correction angle) and eet to next waypoint; add three columns to allow us noting down ETO, ATO and RMKs. And if you would like to be nice, there’s a standard calculation table for fuel required that can be filled in based on Simbrief perf calculation. Add a nice header with basic flight/fleet info and two lines for noting down the ATIS - if we can print this out on letter or A4, Simbrief will be fully usable for standard VFR flight planning (and I would not mind if you add additional features later on as feasible for you and your team)

Happy to discuss further anytime

Even if Simbrief doesn’t join for a full VFR planning here, is there maybe a chance to support Y (IFR → VFR) and Z (VFR → IFR) flightplans in the future, like this example?


I know Y/Z flightplans are more a european thing, as in the USA IFR-Pickups and cancellations are handled different mostly.
But it definitely would be cool to have and be an even greater immersion, while flying IFR to/from some smaller airfields, e.g. in the TBM or some small bizzers :slight_smile:

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