Ability to draw on charts, main map page, etc

I see that this has been mentioned a few times. Let me bump this topic once again. This would be incredibly nice to have within the app, along with possibly a scratch pad with text function for clearances and whatnot. When I fly on the sim, I typically want to go to the gates the real flight is going to, and one way I would use the draw function on a daily basis for sure is circling the gate my flight is assigned to. Any chance this has been looked at at all since it’s been mentioned so many times? Thanks!


This has been requested many times and is on our road map.

Please see Painting inside the Charts

You might like to add your vote to that Wishlist item.


With all due respect, and I do mean that, because I just love your product and so grateful for navigraph, but this request has been going on for at least 3 years when I searched (2020). Any updates to this instead of links to just other requests? I saw this could be done on a fenix efb the other day.

We have indeed seen this request many times, but we have never been in a position where it has been feasible until recently. In the last two years, we have completely rebuilt the Navigraph Charts product, and now that SimBrief OFPs are finally readable from within the app it’s safe to say that annotations would be a logical next step for these areas of the app!

With the addition of this Wishlist section in our forum, we have been quite surprised that there has been a very small interest in these features compared to, for example, VATSIM integrations. Let’s hope that this changes and that people show their interest so that we can prioritize it higher!

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