Version 7.4.1 problem!

I wanted to report that this latest update has ruined the navigraph charts, the aircraft is stuck on the map, does not update, many times the charts do not load, I have tried to reinstall, it only works again when I open and close the program, it did not happen in previous versions, please verify

We’re working on this.

For the time being use Charts Cloud,, if you are affected by logouts.

Thank you for your patience.



Thanks very much sir!!!:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

do you have any plans to include meteorology in the navigraph charts? with clouds, wind chart, etc?

Yes we do. It will be in an upcoming major version update. :slight_smile:


Please update to the latest version 7.4.2 which was released just minutes ago and let us know if it works better. If the app doesn’t prompt you, you can get it from Navigraph

Kind regards,