VABB: Procedures Missing or Inaccessible


I honestly don’t know if this is the right forum or even whether this is a matter for Navigraph. I have posted elsewhere (user groups, MSFS Asobo), but without response.

I’ve not flown the B748-800i or B787-1000 before, as usually I would fly the A32NX or Aerosoft CRJ.

I am attempting to fly the route Chennai VOMM to Mumbai VABB, and I am inputting the route manually.

Entering RW07 DOHIA as the departure is fine, but when I come to enter the arrival information, I find that whilst initially the STARs and APPs are listed, when I select the STAR (MOLG1A.AGELA), then the approaches disappear and cannot be found for selected. Conversely, if I enter the approach (ILSYRW27.MOLGO), then the STARs disappear from view.

If I try to simply select the approach ILSRW27 Y MOLGO which should be a DME ARC from the South, then no transition is listed, and the resultant approach entered into the CDU is from the North; in fact, most (all?) VABB transitions appear to be missing.

This issue appears in the Boeing B747-800i and B787-1000, hence my thinking that it is a data issue; equally, I am very happy to be told otherwise.

I have created a short MP4 recording the issue (as seen in the B787X):

Thank you as always,

Hi Fabio,
sorry to say, but this is a bug/limitation/feature/… in the sim (confirmed by ASOBO). The in-game flight management truncates waypoints, re-calculate terminal-procedures or as in your case, doesn´t show all existing terminal procedures.

So, all aircrafts which use this in-game flight management (and thats the most, at least the default aircrafts which are equipped with FMC/Garmins/…) are effected. When you try the FBW A320 (latest stable version) or the WorkingTitle CJ4 you will see that the procedures work as expected. The reason is, that both don´t use the in-game flight management - they had developed their own and therefore it works.

Here from the WT CJ4:

Sorry Fabio, you don´t made anything wrong - it´s the sim what is wrong here. We can´t also do nothing exclude sit and wait, if and when ASOBO will fix this.


PS: It´s worth to try the free WT CJ4 mod because this is the most accurate aircraft which uses the in-game sim data and which interprets the data nearly perfect due their own flight management.

Hi Richard,
Thank you, I had an idea that it was either related to navdata or aircraft (sim).
I’m grateful that you have quickly confirmed this for me.
Actually, I routinely enjoy the AS CRJ, A32NX as well as the WT CJ4, so I knew that fundamentally wth third party creations this was a non-issue.
Best wishes,

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