Upgrading Navigraph FMS Data Manager

Hi, I would like to ask a question, on the PC that I have installed my flight simulator and Navigraph FMS Data Manager . I am using Windows 7 and it is not possible to upgrade to windows 10. The program “Navigraph FMS Data Manager” asked me to upgrade but it is not possible because of the windows 7, my question is, would it be possible to continue using the version of “Navigraph FMS Data Manager” that I am already using which when it starts gives me a wrong message, but it starts?
Thank you

we are still working on it, to remove this Win7 handicap. Sorry and thats for your patience.

Hi, today I have just installed the last upgrade (for Windows 10) but the application does not start, no FMS Data Manager window is popping up when I click on the desktop icon.
Same when I click on the hidden tray FMS Data Manager icon. Nothing happens.
Is there a way I can go back to the older version which worked fine?

I would like to say that I tried to update some airacs and it was completed successfully. I hope that next update around 23-4 will be completed also successfully.
Thank you again

Great Pericles, thanks for your update. Yes, it should work with all upcoming AIRACs also. We should fix this now …
Thanks for your patience and your help in this case! Much appriciated …


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