Updating fms in multiple drives

Hello Gentlemen,
I am trying to update my FMS data using FMS data Manager.
All my planes and tools update OK except one:

I have FSX PMDG B-777 and Qualitywings B787 on drive C (Solid state drive which has only 240 GB of storage. These update OK.

But I have Prepared3D V4 PMDG B-747’s on my larger Drive D which has 2 TB storage.
But FMS data manager does not update this last airplane on drive D.
So I have to update it manually.

I tried to change the path mapping in the data manager but I can’t figure out how to do this correctly. ( and I am no computer genius either… :slight_smile:)
So could you please help me on this .

Thank you very much.

Can you EMail me the response??

Jacques Lonchambon

Hi Jacques,

In the FMS Data Manager Settings tab, make sure your Prepar3d v4 is correctly set. On mine I have:


In Addon Mappings press Scan and Save. You should have PMDG detected with correct mapping:

Please let us know how you get on.


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