Updating Fenix A320 navdata


According to Fenix we have to use the older Navigraph Update Center for the AIRAC updates, yet the addon also shows up in the new update center (see screenshot).

Does it then also work with the newer center?


I too, am confused by this in relation to the Fenix A320.

Another question: Is there a problem in running the Navigraph Navdata Center to update MSFS 2020 and the separate FMS Data Manager which Fenix says we have to use for the Fenix A320 ? Will there be a conflict ?

Hi Team,


Please use the Navigraph Navdata Center to update Fenix.



Thanks Ian, but maybe you need to reach out to Fenix and correct this as they are clearly saying to use the FMS Data Manager.

See here: How do I update my Navdata using Navigraph?

Indeed, there’s conflicting information out there right now.

Hi all - customer support lead for FenixSim here - I can update the knowledge base article based on Ian’s new request.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, everyone, appreciate it.


Hi MikeyBT, you also need to udate the starting guide on discord as well as the knowledge base article.

See here: Discord where it says “Run Navigraph FMS Manager to update the navdata to the latest AIRAC cycle”

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Have let the owner of that article know - I dont yet have ability to change that out. Thanks for the catch!

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