How to get Fenix A320 showing in FMS Data Manager

I occasionally download and AIRAC so that I gett all the software all updated to the same AIRAC.
I can see all the Addons in the FMS Data Manager but not the Fenix A320. So before I purchase the AIRAC 2307 would like to know a way of how to solve this.

Hi Joseph,
first of all welcome here at Navigraph.

The FMS Data Manager is for FSX, P3D and X-Plane addons … the Navigraph Hub for MSFS addons. So, you must install the Navigraph Hub to update the Fenix A320. In general, the Navigraph Hub is the follower from the FMS Data Manager and the plan is to bring all the features from the FMS Data Manager into the Hub to have one single app to update all sims/addons.

So, for now … for all MSFS addons, you must use the Navigraph Hub :wink: … for the rest, the FMS Data Manager.

Hope that helps - feel free, to contact us again when anything is unclear …

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Just for clarification, I have for example Pilot2ATC which shows in FMS Data Manager but can also be used in MSFS, would a single AIRAC purchase can be used for FMS Data Manager and Navigraph Hub to update all Addons, or do I have to purchase two separate AIRAC?

Thanks in advance

the monthly subscription contains a complete cycle period. In this period you can install all provided AIRAC datasets as often as you want, independent of the distribution tool like FMS Data Manager or Navigraph Hub.

In other words, when you have updated your Pilot2ATC app, you can also update your Fenix A320 using Hub within the cycle - no more costs, because the subscription is bound to the cycle you use but not to an addon or a specific sim.

Hope that helps Joseph … Install the Hub, update your Fenix A320 with the current cycle and that’s it. Now you are in sync between Pilot2ATC and your Fenix A320


Thank you for the clarification.

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