Navigraph Hub - Access Denied

Hi, I purchased a subscription back in April to get FS Navigational Data 23/04 for use in MSFS. (I don’t have a current active subscription). Fenix have recently issued an update to the A320 which included an update of the nav data. Nav data between Simbrief (23/04) and Fenix (12/08/21 - 8/9/21) is now out of sync.
Logging in to the new Navigraph Hub gives me access denied so I cant re-install 23/04 for the Fenix.
I scanned the topics reinstalling, switching accounts etc Is this the policy or a maybe some other problem

Windows 11
Fenix A320 FMS


we don´t offer outdated AIRAC cycles, therefore you can´t load outdated cycle even you would have a active subscription. Sorry.


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