Old NavDataBase in FENIX A320 despite AIRAC Access 2023


my problem relates to the NavDataBase in MSFS 2020 / FENIX A320.

I have MSFS 2020 Standard Edition
My current ARAIC Access is 2023 (unlocked and active)
I have an active unlimited subscription to Navigraph Center
I guess I have installed all the Simbrief / Navigraph programs on my Win11-PC

I created a route LSZH to EDDP in SimBrief
I start a new flight with FENIX A320, then I imported my flightplan from Simbrief. When load to MCDU, the AOC Init is importing LSZH and EDDP - seems to work fine.

Why do I see in the FMCG Menu the Nav Data Base from 12th August - 8th Sept 2021? I expect an actual date.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something ? About help I would be very pleased. Thank you!


AOC Flight Init

do you have updated the Fenix A320 too via the Navigraph Navdata Center? To unlock the Simbrief AIRAC doesn´t mean, all your addons are up2date with the current/effective cycle.

For MSFS and the MSFS addons you must install and use the Navigraph Navdata Center to make all up2date.

Here from the Navigraph Navdata Center:

You find more information here:

Hope that helps!


Thank you Richard, that helped me!
After the update it shows the actual 2023 NDB.

Kind regards,


You´re welcome Marco - HAPPY NEW YEAR and always three green :wink:

Don´t hesitate to contact us again, if you have any question …


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