Updating approaches in x-plane

Approaches in x-plane 11 do not match those in Foreflight even after updating using Data Manager. Unable to fly realistic approached and holding patterns realistically. Fixes in x-plane totally different from foreflight.

Hi Robert,


Please provide details of the missing approach fixes so we can replicate.



Hi Ian, On Foreflight for KMTN I have the the VOR or TACAN for RW 15 as an approach plate procedure. This is not showing as an approach in X-plane 11. This approach has SLOAF as the IAF on the 334 radial of the BAL vortac… From SLOAF you fly a DME arc to CUMBE (IF) to GOVES to ZOVAP to rwy 15 with a missed approach procedure eventually flying a DME arc to BOAST which is our holding pattern fix. Thanks for your help.


Hi Ian,

Did details come through?
Thanks, Robert