No Approaches

I installed FMSData Manager then updated. X-Plane 11 was recognized and I updated it. When I open the Carenado C172 G100 I no longer have any approaches. I attempted to install the Carenado 172 manually, but I only got options for Prepared and MSFS. Please help.

Are there any step by step instructions for this process?

I instead used the x-plane 11 and manually copied the files to the custom data page. The approach to KABE ILS24 is still missing a fix. Also, no approaches will load for KMGJ On selecting an approach, it reads “NONE” and in other aircraft, I get an alert that RW04 is missing. How can I get the missing fix RW04 installed and see approached for KMGJ? How can I get the Coronado aircraft updated for x-plane 11? Thanks

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