Active AIRAC for MSFS

  1. Since I have to sign in when opening the new Navdata Installer for MSFS, does that mean it needs to be open for it to provide data to MSFS? In essence, do I only need to open it for updates for Nav updates etc or do I need to have it open and running in the systray at all times for MSFS to have the access to the Navdata?

Hi Steven,
you need the Navigraph installer only for updating the AIRAC or a new revision. When this is done, you don’t need it any longer.

At the moment its only a manual process but our plans are to notify you automatically when a new AIRAC, a new revision or a new installer is available.

Hope that helps

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but will we need to reinstall the latest AIRAC, 2101, after the MSFS World Update?

Hi Paul,
under normal conditions no, but I have no idea if the new update made any changes in the content-scenery file. So I would one time “remove” and “install” the AIRAC cycle …


  1. Open the “Navigraph Installer” (check if you have the latest one beta 23 - that´s a good moment - when not, remove the cycle first, uninstall the installer and re-install it again :-))
  2. if you have updated the Installer, start the installer and press “Install” again to get the lastest AIRAC cycle files
  3. when you still had the latest installer beta install, press “Remove”
  4. press “Install”

That´s it - it takes only a few minutes (in all in all), so not so time consuming as a sim-update and you´re on the safe side :wink:

Hope that helps

That’s awesome thanks Richard.


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If the new World III update release from Microsoft includes the latest AIRAC, then do we even need to update through Navigraph. Since Navigraph is a partner in the Partnership Series of MSFS, do we need to even use the Navigraph installer? Here the new update from Msft indicates it has the latest AIRAC. Any comments on that please?

The AIRAC updates in the sim come usually with larger updates or patches of the sim. Navigraph always updates the AIRAC cycle on the effective day. For example, cycle 2101 was effective from 28 January, and this is the date our data was available, and it was available in the sim only yesterday. We don’t know how the sim updates in the future, but we do know that we’ll update on every AIRAC release date.

The data isn’t identical - we are not an official partner of MS in this regard. Our data is from Jeppesen, a real world provider with the most technically advanced dataset with the most complete and accurate global coverage. In addition, the Navigraph data perfectly matches the Navigraph charts, so for a perfectly matchning experience we’d recommend data and charts from the same provider.

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I appreciate it and understand much better now. Thank you for all the excellent support at Navigraph!

Worked perfectly, thanks

Absolutely helps … you guys really should have that instruction on the Navigraph Navdata installer/app page.

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