Update AIRAC ToLissA321_V1p03 - X-Plane11

I am using X-Plane 11 with Mac os x. I have installed the latest update of FMS Data Manager. It worked for all planes natively in X-Plane 11 except for the ToLiss A321_V1p03 which still has AIRAC 2013. Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.


The currently valid AIRAC is 2013. Did you make a typo or do you want another cycle instead?

The Toliss aircraft all use the default X-Plane navdata. To get the latest AIRAC, just use the FMS Data Manager to update the data for X-Plane 11.


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Excuse me. I thought there was an AIRAC update in 2020. So everything is fine.

I believe so! There are at least 13 AIRAC cycles each year. The AIRAC has already been updated 13 times in 2020. Please refer to https://navigraph.com/products/fmsdata for more information.

AIRAC 2013 is currently valid!


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