Toliss A321 FMC not updated to AIRAC 2202


on 7th February I bought the Ultimate Package of Navigraph for one month. So until the 7th of March. From the beginning, it was showing me my old AIRAC Cycle 2109. But still, the new SIDs and STARs were on my FMC. After the 7th of March, it was still showing 2109. My abonnement ended and the FMC Data with all the SIDs and STARs got removed and went back to AIRAC Cycle 2109. I have the last version of Toliss. Can someone help me?

sorry but this must be any other reason. We don’t restore ir remove files, when a subscription ends. It means also when you still have no valid subscription you can use the latest downloaded cycle during your subscription periode.

So, something mist be happened between … It is hard to say now because we also don’t know why you see a wring cycle number but the correct procedures.

By the way, how have you identified that you are using the correct cycle, when the cycle number was 2109?


Yes, I did. For example in AIRAC Cycle 2109. It was in EDDF Frankfurt CINDY3S Departure. After I updated it was CINDY4S Departure. Now it’s CINDY3S again. It’s so weird. I assume I also installed Simlink etc. So everything I need. Is there no possibility to somehow fix it? I mean I updated X Plane 11 to Airac 2202 on the FMS Data Manager.

But Toliss uses the X-Plane data, so when you have 2202 installed on X-Plane, ToLiss uses the same data. The data are located in <your xp-root folder>\Custom Data

When you look into this folder and open ie. the cycle_info.dat file or any ie. the earth-nav.dat file you see in the header the AIRAC cycle number. Is this really 2202? When yes, you should check this with ToLiss because than you have any ToLiss issue.


No, it says AIRAC Cycle 2109. And I forgot to tell you. It’s also on LevlUp the same. So, it’s nothing to do with Toliss I assume. But what may be the issue?
I mean it says 2202 on the FMS Data Manager.

Has it to do something with this? Maybe it’s the wrong path I have.


Check the “settings” page in the FMS Data Manager and here your XP11 path - the XP11 path in the FMS Data Manager is wrong.


PS: the question now is - is this your XP11 path?

Yes, it is, sir. I see Custom Data wasn’t selected. Completely my own fault. I assume I would have to buy another abonnement then. Or is there a solution without that?

Stop, stop … what do you mean with “I see Custom Data wasn´t selected”? Where selected?


In my path I sent you on the FMS Data Manager. It ends with “X-Plane 11”

… and that´s correct … You should set only the root-path to XP11, no sub-folder or similar else. So that I understood you correctly:

You have open the cycle_info.txt file from the following folder:
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Custom Data

Is this correct?


Exactly, sir. That’s what I opened. In that picture the “cycle_info” file


I don´t understand the “exactly” now …
??? but here you show me a completely different folder as you I have written above???

According your screenshot now, it shows:
D:\Programme (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11

Do you have multiple XP11 installations on your system?

Can you copy&paste my path C:\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Custom Data into the file-explorer and can you look if you get any result?


The exactly was just to confirm I opened the “cycle_info” file you told me, sir. Sir, I came again to the folder as shown in the picture.

A few months ago. I deleted X-Plane from my old hard disk and installed it on the hard disk shown in the picture. May that be an issue?

When you look on your screenshots than you see following:
From C:\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Custom Data the dates are 17.02.2022, which was a week before 2202 was released:

From D:\Programme (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Custom Data the dates are from 26.08.2021, which was 2109:

So once again please:

  • in the cycle_info.txt file on the C-Drive XP11 has you what cycle?
  • in the cycle_info.txt file on the D-Drive XP11 has you what cycle?

I have now no clue which XP11 version is in use on your system. According the FMS Data Manager, the last start was from the C-Drive XP11 … but this screenshot is old and therefore I can´t really say what is correct and what not.


That is it. In the D File, it is 2109 in the C File it is 2202. You are really amazing. Is there a way I can fix this like maybe by changing the D File with the C File so I have the C File with Airac 2202 on my X Plane? (The pic is from the C Hard Disk) PS: For your information. I deleted X-Plane from the C Hard Disk and installed it on the D Hard disk a few months ago.

Yes we can fix this but before we must be sure, what XP-path now is the correct one? When you start X-Plane do you start it from C oder D now?


No, it’s the wrong one. The path is from the C Hard disk. But I installed X-Plane on the D Hard disk and didn’t change the path. So I start it on the D Hard disk PS: I have no replies left. Give me some minutes to check if it worked, sir. It needs quite a while to copy&paste all the files.

Airac 2202 is in X-Plane. Thank you a lot! I’m looking forward to the new Airacs. And I will surely use Navigraph again! Have a wonderful evening! Best wishes!

Ok, than copy the complete Custom Data folder from the C-Drive to the D-Drive

from C:\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Custom Data
to D:\Programme (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Custom Data

After that, when you start your X-Plane 11 (from D as you told) you should have 2022 installed.