ToLiss A321 is not updating

Hi there!

I got a problem which might be easy to solve, but I have no clue.
I updated to AIRAC Cycle 2101 vie the FMS Data Manager, as you can see in the uploaded pictures, but somehow my ToLiss A321 still shows 2011 as the active cycle …

Anyone got an idea what to do?


I am not sure if it is related but I had issues too. I updated from 2014 to 2101. The update works fine and the proper version is showing on the status page, unlike for the OP of this topic.

However, there seems to be an issue with the Navdata. In my case, I am trying to do a flight from YBSU to YSSY. The routing according to Simbrief gets me out of runway 31 via the MOLOO SID. Both, runway 31 and the MOLOO SID are published in the Jeppesen charts (also those coming with Navigraph) and in the official charts of Australian Air Service. However, in the MCDU Flight Plan, when I select a departure, I can only select between runway 18 and 36. Neither of them exist and neither of them has a SID or STAR. It seems that 18 / 36 refer to a short second runway, that has been decommissioned.

The weird thing is, that upon checking the CIPF folder and in their YBSU, I can see that in the file there is runway 31 and the MOLOO SID in there. That leads me to think, that either the AIRAC is not update completely or not read properly by the aircraft.

How do I manually update the FMS data for toliss 321?

You don’t.

Unless you use XP10 still, the Navdata used are the default XP one. So if you update your XP Nav Data, it does update the ToLiss Airbuses as well.