FAQ - MSFS Uninstall the navdata (revert back to the stock data)

When you want to remove/uninstall the navigation data, it is very highly recommended that you use the “Navigraph Hub (previously Navigraph Navdata Center)”.

Here are the steps:

  1. Close your sim
  2. Open the “Navigraph Hub”
  3. Press the red “Remove” button
  4. start the sim

That’s it - now when you start the sim again, from now on the sim will use the stock.

If your subscription has ended , then you can´t login any longer in the “Navigraph Hub”. Please follow exactly these steps, when you want to remove our data - to use the stock data again:

  1. Close your sim
  2. Delete your content.xml file - the location of this file depends on your sim-version (Steam/Marketplace) - you find the correct location here
  3. Start the sim

From now on your sim uses the stock data again.

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