How to remove BETA

Hi There,

Can you just tell me how I would remove the BETA client so that my MSFS 2020 reverts to normal please.

Just launch the client and press Remove, this will remove the Navigraph navdata and reenable the default.

Are you having any issues? If so perhaps we can assist if you provide some details.

Cheers for getting back to me.
Well can you advise how would actually know if the BETA DATA is inside MSFS 2020? Last night I could not see any difference before I installed the BETA.
Also, I am sure this is not down to the BETA but the sim was stuttering last night and before the install I have been having free stuttering so the reason I asked how to properly uninstall was so I know how to remove in case.

to be verify, if the beta is really removed by client

  • start the sim
  • go into Profil - > Content Manager
  • enter “navigraph” in the search bar

When you get no result, you can be sure, that our package will not be used (means is removed from your sim) - otherwise you see this and you must remove it via our client:

Hope that helps


Also please see FAQ - Is the Beta Update Installed?


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