Switchable panes in Simbrief

Like a lot of flight simmers, I use two monitors. Because of the physical layout of my desk, the flight sim is on a monitor right in front of me, and the second monitor, with all of my flight sim programs/browsers, is to the left of my primary monitor. It would be useful if the map pane, and the data pane in Simbrief were swappable. The map pane is not very useful, and it would be nice if the data pane were on the right side, so that you don’t have to look so far left to read the data. It sounds like a small thing, but it would be a nice quality of life option for people that have their monitors set up like I do. Here is a picture to illustrate…


Perhaps something we can look into in a future update. For now a possible workaround could be to resize the window so that it only covers the right-half of the screen (drag the left edge of the window to the right in your screenshot). When the window is less wide, the map moves towards the bottom and the flight options cover the full width of the window.

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That is a workaround, but only if it’s the only thing you have open in your browser. If you do that, then every browser tab is compressed too. Anyhow, thanks for considering it. It’s one of those things that crops up when the software leaves beta, and hits the general release. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would benefit from it.