Unable to log into APP on Chromebook


Is there a fix for this yet?
: just found out that it works when using Firefox instead of Chrome, maybe that helps you troubleshooting. All cookies are allowed in both browsers.


Thanks for the firefox tip, that worked. Still annoying that you have to install a new browser just for this. Please fix this navigraph.

Ok, so you mean that the problem exists only when using the Charts (Desktop) application, but not when loading the web app?

If it is the the Desktop app you are having problems with, then with the latest 8.15 version you will see this button:

Click this for alternate sign-in options.



Thnx Stephen, I’m out for work this weekend.
I’ll try next week and let you know.

Okay, just tried this suggestion.

Thing is that the mentioned option doesn’t show up.
After signing in there’s an immediate message in red saying ‘login cancelled’ like in the screenshot earlier in this thread.

I’ve updated to the latest version btw.


Please install an Android browser on your Chromebook and try.

We don’t officially support Chromebooks. But it could work if you install the Android browser.



Chrome is an Android browser. Doesn’t work though.

For now I’m happy with the Firefox workaround, not the biggest of deals for me.

Thnx for your efforts!


Bonjour je ne comprends pas pourquoi nous devons passer pas un Navigateur alors que ce problème vient depuis la derniere mise à jour. Je l’ai toujours utilisé sur mon Chromebook sans problème. Oui sur navigateur et l’application Windows ça fonctionne. le Chromebook me permet de gerer les charts et les vols plus facilement




Please post in English.


Does seem to be a Google Chrome problem, app logs in fine using the Firefox web browser.


I have the exact same problem on my Chromebook. I need to use the cloud version since the charts app gives me the “login cancelled” error. The Firefox workaround doesn’t work for me. The cloud version is fine, but there should be no reason that the app doesn’t work in the Chrome browser in the Chrome environment.

This problem still exists with the latest Charts Mobile App release.

On Chromebook, I have both the built-in Chrome and FireFox browsers. I am correctly entering my credentials, but after the Identity Page closes (and accepts my login) I am returned to the App home page with the “Login Cancelled” notice in Red present. There is no “Trouble Signing In” or other alternative button other than “Sign In.”

Just out of curiosity, was this tested with a Chromebook?

We’re investigating.

Which browser is the default one out of the installed ones?



Chrome. But I can select either one at time of clicking a valid redirect to a URL link if desired.

I see. And choosing Firefox instead has no effect?


Correct. The behavior is consistent in both browser cases - Identity page closes (with no errors) and I’m returned to the App Home Page with the “Login Cancelled” error in red atop the Sign In button.

I have a 9.1 MB screen recording to show the behavior if that might help. I can send it to you via e-mail.

We’re working on a potential fix for this. Please standby and we’ll get back to you.



Thank you, much appreciated!

Hi Guys,

We have released a new version today that should make Sign In stable on Android devices in general. For Chromebook specifically you need to install an Android browser, for example Chrome using Google Play. The Android app can only communicate with other Android applications and will not be able to perform authentication using the ChromeOS Google. Please keep us updated if you still encounter problems.

Kind regards,


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