Unable to load fight in Navigraph - Syntax error

Hi all,

Is there currently a problem with Navigraph? I’m trying to load my flight plan that I have created in Simbrief, but all I get is the spinning wheel.

If it does load it doesn’t show any STAR or APP information for my destination (EGGW). Not been an issue until today, I last flew on Thursday with no problems.

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A similar problem. 5 hours ago I flew on the UKOO-UKLL route. Everything was fine. Now I wanted to repeat it, but I wrote an error.

It must be a navigraph issue then?

Yeah, Navigraph server issue I think. Same problem on iOS app, and I also can’t open any of the charts/airport docs. Not a great start for my Navigraph experience as I’d only just created a new sub 3 days ago…

Same thing, just a spinning wheel when trying to load from Simbrief.

Hi Team,

Sorry for inconvenience. This has been resolved as per Can't Access iOS on iPad - #9 by stephen.

Would appreciate your confirmation.


I am now able to load my Simbrief plan.

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Hi guys,

Yep all happy here. Thanks for a fast fix.

Keep up the great work.

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