Navigraph_Charts.Load-RouteError error 0

After the last Navigraph update (related or coincidence?) I can no longer load my flight plans into my iPad charts. I am consistently generating an error “Navigraph_Charts.Load-RouteError error 0” on my iPad.

I have removed the iPad app and reinstalled, no change. I have ensured that the iPad and the FS computer are on the same network. The iPad is receiving the local navigation chart, but just can not load the flight plan route. I can create a route in the iPad manually without issue.

I’m creating my flight plans via the SimBrief on-line and then downloading them to my pc via the SimBrief Downloader, but that shouldn’t affect the iPad.




In Simbrief, generate OFP.

In Charts IOS, choose Flights\Create\Import from Simbrief\Save Flight

Wait approximately 10 seconds and your flight should be loaded.

Please let us know how get on.


That worked.
Thank you