Unable to load fFlight Sim with Navigraph installed

Since the last world update Navigraph is stopping my Flight Sim from loading. It stays on about 50 percent of the blue line loading bar. is this something they are aware off, and is there a work around so I can use my Navigraph AIRAC cycle.

I have uninstalled the AIRAC cycle and the Tool bar and it works

as you see/read here in the forum, there are no/zero reports about “unable to load the sim with our data installed”. So, I guess more, it´s anything on your system. Therefore, we need a few more details:

  1. Have you any 3rd party addons/sceneries installed?
  2. Have your tried to start the sim without these 3rd party addons/sceneries but with the AIRAC and/or the toolbar?
  3. Have you tried to re-org your content-file

In most cases/nearly all cases, it´s a bad/incompatible 3rd party scenery or any other addon.
But again, we haven´t receive any reports till now - not here (as you see) nor in the official flightsim forum, therefore I´m pretty sure it´s something on your system which cause this.