Unable to load fFlight Sim with Navigraph installed

Since the last world update Navigraph is stopping my Flight Sim from loading. It stays on about 50 percent of the blue line loading bar. is this something they are aware off, and is there a work around so I can use my Navigraph AIRAC cycle.

I have uninstalled the AIRAC cycle and the Tool bar and it works

as you see/read here in the forum, there are no/zero reports about “unable to load the sim with our data installed”. So, I guess more, it´s anything on your system. Therefore, we need a few more details:

  1. Have you any 3rd party addons/sceneries installed?
  2. Have your tried to start the sim without these 3rd party addons/sceneries but with the AIRAC and/or the toolbar?
  3. Have you tried to re-org your content-file

In most cases/nearly all cases, it´s a bad/incompatible 3rd party scenery or any other addon.
But again, we haven´t receive any reports till now - not here (as you see) nor in the official flightsim forum, therefore I´m pretty sure it´s something on your system which cause this.


This issue was happening to me as well (loading bar getting stuck at 50%), and this is indeed because of conflicting addons.

In my case, it was not just one addon, but about 3 or 4 that independently conflicted with Navigraph.
I remember these two -

  1. LFMA airport by LMTSim (payware from Simmarket)
  2. Yet another ground marks fix by Tatami (freeware from Flightsim.to)

Removing the conflicting ones fixed the loading issue.

I am having the same problem. The flight only loads to half way then msfs2020 doesn’t respond. Only way out is through Task Manager. Once you uninstall Navigraph Navdata from Community the sim works fine. This problem has occured since last msfs2020 update. MSFS 2020 doesn’t like any third party add ons.

Hello everyone.
Same issue for me now. Unable to load flights in KSMO.
I randomly removed custom mods and could load fine the flight after I removed the navigraph data folder from Community folder.

please follow exactly these steps in the FAQ:

Thank you,

PS: I assume, you don´t have installed any 3rd party addon scenery for KSMO?


I had exactly the same problem.
I followed Richard advice and it’s working.
Thank you for your work.


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Thanks @Gibe for your posting … and of course, for your kind words - much appreciated!


PS: We are working to handle this in a better way via the NNC (Navigraph Navdata Center) and we hope such issue will be gone for ever in the near future :wink:

Hello and your assumption is correct. I have no 3rd party addon for SMO.

I followed the steps but unfortunately the flight load stops at around 50% and I have to kill FS2020.
Removed again navigraph data and I can now load OK the flights.

Please can you upload your content.xml file here, that we can check something?

Thank you

Hello !
Sure. I have reinstalled last airac, launched the sim and tried to load a flight to KSMO.
After the load got stuck midway, I killed FS2020 and attached the Content.xml file here.

Content.xml (8.5 KB)

Thanks !

Hi Moun,
please do following:

  • close the sim - VERY IMPORTANT!!
  • start the NNC
  • remove the AIRAC cycle
  • close the NNC
  • delete the content.xml file
  • start the sim, and when it´s finishing - close it
  • start the NNC
  • install the AIRAC cycle
  • close the NNC

After all these steps are finished:
Upload the content.xml file again here please …

After that, you can start the sim and can try KSMO again please … do you use any Addon-Linker or similar else?


Hello Richard !
Please find here the Content.xml file after the steps you asked me to take.
I will then start the sim and try again as you requested and keep you posted of the outcome.
Thank you !
Content.xml (8.5 KB)

The flight loaded OK after the steps !!!
I am not using any addon-linker or whatsoever but I am not sure about what is an addon linker.
I have orbx and aerosoft products that create symbolic links but I do not know if this is what you would like to know ?

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