Navigraph Airac cycle 2103 wont install to MSFS

MSFS version wont accept the installation of the revised version of Airac cycle 2103 despite of that navigraph says “installed”. Checking the Content manager in MSFS its says “not installed” and I am not able to install from there. What can I do?
Appreciate any help with this

Hi Akki,


This is an MSFS limitation. The install is actually complete. Please see Navigraph Installation Troubles


Hi Ian, thanks, but peculiar as the last version was working OK?


Hi Akki,
that has nothing todo with us or the data, this is a bug from the last MSFS patch … all entries/addons/mods/sceneries in your community folder are flagged as “not installed”. When our installer shows you installed, you can be sure, that the data are installed correctly …

Ian mentioned a link directly to the MSFS forum, where you this behavior is confirmed:

Hopefully, ASOBO/MS will fix this in the future.


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Crystal clear- great thanks!

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