Ultimate Subscription

I have a credit card on file on my account here. Trying to subscribe for one month ultimate subscription. There is not a way to use my credit card on file. It takes me to an e-commerce site in which I have to enter my credit card credentials again. My question is, what it’s the purpose of saving my credit card info with Navigraph if you are making me input the information all over again?

By the way this “New” forum style it’s not user friendly at all and a bit confusing. Much prefer the typical forum layout, but again it’s just my opinion.

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Hi Ed,


Best to ask that question by sending email to account@navigraph.com.

The “new” Forum has been in use for a year now, and most people are happy with it. It uses one of the most widely used platforms. It takes a little getting used to , but then is powerful and intuitive. See also Welcome to Navigraph.


Hello i want to make a suggestion to add Maestro/Bancontact or online bank transfer under your payment options, i only have credit on this particulary card at the moment and with pain in my heart i now have to go with the “other” charts deliverer for 1 month because they offer this payment with Maestro/Bancontact/Klarna.

Sincerely jürgen