UHPP - Petropavlosk Kamchatsky - Taxiway instead of Runway

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I’m not 100% certain whether or not this was an issue in the original data, but the ILS for 34L lines up with a taxiway in the scenery, which is in the location where 34L should be. However, runway 34R (Now showing closed in google maps) shows as an open, unlit runway in the simulator - designated as runway 34. Both screenshots of my simulator and Google Maps are attached. I could be totally messing something up here, I’m pretty new to FS2020 - but I figured I’d reach out and pass along the heads up if it’s useful. Thank you, and have a great start to 2021!

sorry, this is a sim issue - the airport scenery is simple outdated. The sim based on Bing-Maps satellite images and not google maps.

Here exactly the same few from your screenshot but made via Bing-Maps:

You see, the real-world runway 16R/34L which you see in google-maps is a taxiway in Bing-Maps. Also the runway-idents are complete wrong in the sim: 16/34 no left/right or similar else.

We use the real-world data and therefore the ILS antenna is on the “taxiway” (due the wrong scenery). I have no idea how accurate the stock navdata (which will also be updated monthly) are from ASOBO but when the ILS is working on this scenery, then the navdata are also completely outdated and has nothing todo with the real-world.

Sorry, we can´t change anything here. The scenery must be fixed by ASOBO, we may not change existing airports.

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