i’ve flown on VATSIM today from EPWA to UMMS and right about entering Minsk FIR Center told me to expect KIZIR1H STAR for ILS 31R approach, none of which i was able to find (none ILS 31R entry in the FMC whatsoever) in the Fly-By-Wire A320neo.

I am currently on MSFS2020, the version of the program is 1.0.0-beta.19 and the AIRAC Cycle I’ve got installed is 2101 rev.1.

However, the approach is present in Simbrief, please advise.

Hi Michal,
is the runway 13L/31R available in stock data/scenery of the MSFS? When not, then its clear why you can’t select it … We may not add runways to existing airports.

So, please check if both runways 13R/31L and 13L/31R are available as in real world. When not, you should report this to ASOBO/MS because than its an sim issue because the runways exist in real world.

By the way, I have checked the STARs and IAPs for UMMS and all are included and should be selectable when the runways are there (therefore you see it in SimBrief also).

Please let us know your results, if all runways are there or not. Thank you.

Hi Richard,
big thanks for an amazingly quick response (really happy I convinced myself to subscribe to Navigraph with this wonderful support).

I’ve checked in the game, and it turns out you are actually right! For whatever reason ASOBO/MS only put in 13R/31L runway as is seen in the screenshot!


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Hi Mike,
thank you very much for this wonderful feedback. It’s great to hear that, and we will try to hold this standard. Thank you very much.

ASOBO/MS creates the runways from Bing-Maps and not from any real-world data and it could possible, that the satelite image is outdated or not complete.

There is an additional limitation, when a runway is missing or a runway ident is wrong, and the sim can’t assign a STARs to this runway, the sim disable ALL STARs, also for the existing runways.
Thats good to know, when you fly online.

Happy weekend Mike and thanks again

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