Routing incorrect when loading into MSFS

Hi guys,

Not sure if this is an issue with MSFS or Navigraph, or me being stupid! I’ve been doing the FSHub daily short haul flights, and have had an issue with some routes.

When I try generate a SimBrief plan the ICAO for Aracati aiport in Brazil isn’t found. FSHub (and so MSFS as far as I know) think this should be SNAT. Searching for Aracati in SimBrief/Navigraph charts shows an airport there with ICAO SBAC.

I created a route like this:

When I uimport this.pln file into MSFS it’s showing a 800+nm flight, with SBAC being many miles to the North West of Aracati.

Is this something I’m doing wrong, something inherently wrong with MSFS/FSHub data being out of date, or just an issue with smaller airports ICAO codes? I’m really new to Navigraph and so am not ruling out it’s user error.

It’s occurred to me that I should probably have added that I do have the latest AIRAC installed in MSFS as well.