PMO rwy 25 fms data

Latest X plane 11 release with Zibo mod 737. I was flying to LICJ and noticed the ILS25 was coded in the FMC as LOC only. Do you know if that’s a Navigraph or Zibo issue?
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Ciao Luca,
that´s correct so far and neither an Navigraph nor a Zibo issue. The reason why this approach is coded as LOC25 is, because the missed approach start prior the runway-threshold. In such situation, Jeppesen codes this as LOC only approach due some ARINC424 coding rules.

… but you can fly this also as an ILS approach in the sim. That´s “only” a real-world limitation :wink:

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I learnt something new! Thanks!

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You´re welcome Luca …

Arrivederci a presto

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