ELLX ILS24 - X-Plane 11


I was flying to ELLX today and found that the GS information for the ILS24 is missing. I had that already a year ago or so (I thing I changed it manually and made some entries - but I am not a 100% sure… might be a different airport or even p3d or so… its so long ago).
However, the information is missing. The LOC does capture perfectly.

I am using JustSim ELLX 2.1 and the latest AIRAC. Don’t even know if that’s a Navigraph thing, but hopefully someone has a solution.

Thank you!

Hi Patrick,
here a similar report with this addon scenery. Ian had made a test with the default scenery and the Zibo B737 and here tge GS works as expected.

So, we assume a scenery issue because the navdata are correct so far as the test with the stock scenery shows.

Sorry, I would ask Justsim.

Ok, I found the problem.

It wasn’t directly the scenery but the fix I applied as instructed in the manual by JustSim.
I deleted the custom entries and now its working!

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